Truck in Profile

Truck at 3/4 Angle

Front of the Truck

Every so often I want to take a break from the digital world and make something tangible. This was my second time using Ponoko, an online service which can laser cut designs into a range of materials. I came up with the idea while staying with my brother in Paris. His kids are obsessed with diggers, cranes, steam rollers and fire engines.

The truck is made from ~7mm thick bamboo ply with an amber finish. At some point I might try it again in some of the acrylics in their range, as the bamboo tends to be very weak in some points. I do like the burnt effect on the cut edges, though.

This side has the all-important fire hose, and the reverse side features a simple ladder etching. The best part? No glue is needed to hold the truck together. A series of interlocking components keep everything in place.