Swatch began as an aimless design exercise - messing around with a few layout ideas without having any goal in mind. It soon developed into an all-absorbing project, with a prototype and then full application following quickly.

The entire app is written with web technologies, but it’s optimised to feel and react as if it were native app. Check it out on the app store and tell me if you agree. Below are some screenshots from the project, as well as the app’s features.


Scan an image to get it’s colours


Dive into your chosen colour


Easily pick any colour


Email your work when your done

The Marketing

Swatch is an iPad® and iPhone® app made for professionals. Whether you are a graphic designer, web developer, interior decorator, ready to paint your house or just interested in the creative use of colour, Swatch is for you.

Quickly pick out the colour you are looking for with an intuitive interface. Swatch features beautiful design and transitions in a gorgeous interface designed specifically for iPad and iPhone, giving you the professional flare you deserve.

Manage as many swatches and swatch groups as necessary with a powerful swatch manager. You can quickly add groups of colour to your swatches, then email them to your clients, co-workers or friends in just a few taps.

Get quick conversions of any colour into hexadecimal, HSL, HSV, RGB or CMYK. Get inspiration with different colour schemes as well as a colour’s tones, tints and shades. Don’t compromise on accessiblity with colour blindness simulation.

Love the colours in an image you’ve taken? Instantly scan an image for its overall palette. You can even take a photo and add it’s colour palette to your saved swatches. Or use the pipette to pick out any colour with pixel precision.

Swatch has a comprehensive reference library of over 33,000 colours - including Behr, Benjamin Moore, Berger, Bristol, British Paints, Clark + Kensington, Crayola, Dulux, Glidden, Farrow & Ball, Haymes, Humbrol, MAB Paints, Model Master, Pantone, Porter’s, RAL, Revell, Sherwin Williams, Tamiya, Taubmans, Testors, Valspar, Vellejo, Wattyl & YOLO Colourhouse - making it easy to find a paint to match any project, the closest CSS colour or even ink approximations for print.